About us

Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences (KFEEUAS) is established close to Kaunas city (central Lithuania) and provides higher non-university education (i.e., grants Professional Bachelor's degree), offering several study programs in the fields of biomedical and technological sciences. The University prepares engineers of Forestry (silviculture, forest management, etc.), Natural (forest) Tourism, Landscape Design, Hydrotechnical Engineering, Horticulture (Gardening), Cadastral Surveys and Real Estate Valuation, and Land Management. Also, the University provides vocational training and various professional courses for forest workers (e.g. for forest machinery operator’s, chainsaw operator’s, etc.) and other specializations.
The University dates back to 1927, when first country’s Forest School was founded in Alytus city. In 1939, the school was moved to Vilnius, and in 1963 – to Girionys (Kaunas region). In the Soviet period the school was reorganized into Forestry Technicum, while after Lithuania regained its independence, it became Higher Forestry School.
In 2002, the school acquired a new status – it became Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences (KFEEUAS), and its activities have intensified. In addition to forestry education, several new study programs have been launched: Landscape Design (2002), Land Management (2003), Hydrotechnical Engineering (2003), Recreation (2006), Cadastral Surveys and Real Estate Valuation (2007) and Horticulture (Gardening) (2016). The number of students since 2002 has augmented almost 4 times, and now the university hosts about 1,000 students.
In 2003, to develop advisory services, an Information Centre has been established at the KFEEUAS. The Information Centre organizes in-service courses for foresters, private forest owners and farmers, raises public awareness, that of the youth in particular; disseminates news from sectors of forestry and environmental engineering.
The University participates in ERASMUS, NORDNATUR and other international exchange programs, and has made bilateral student and lecturer exchange agreements with higher education schools of forest management, landscape architecture and environmental engineering from Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Hungary, Turkey and other countries. Every year about 5-7% of the University students study abroad, the exchange program also offers studies at the KFEEUAS in English and Russian languages for foreign students.
Since 2004, the University participates in international research and education projects. Our partners are forest research institutions from Ireland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany and other countries. Since 2007, the University successfully implements projects funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania promoting collaboration between Lithuania and East European countries. KFEEUAS organizes national and international workshops and conferences, where various up-to-date issues in the fields of forestry and environmental engineering are discussed. The University publishes Information Bulletin „Forest. Wood. Technologies. Standardization“.
Since 2005, the University is carrying out projects financed by Leonardo da Vinci, EU structural and other funds. As a result of these activities, the intellectual potential and material training basis of the University has enriched significantly. Implementation of the projects has led to adoption of new training methodologies and establishment of a modern training basis for preparation of forestry, landscape design, horticulture and hydrotechnical engineering specialists in compliance with EU standards. New laboratories (modern harvesting machinery, landscape architecture, floristry, environmental studies, forest surveying) have been established and the old ones have been renovated.
The University campus is situated in a beautiful area (Girionys settlement) surrounded by parks and forest stands, close to Kaunas Sea. We closely collaborate to our neighbors – Dubrava Experimental-Educational State Forest Enterprise that shares its basis for teaching purposes; many practical courses are given within close distance from the University.