Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park

Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park was established in 1992 to conserve the unique landscape complex of the banks of Kaunas lagoon, rock outcrops, flooded influx of the Nemunas tributaries, unique architectural complex of Pažaislis monastery, the stability of Kaunas lagoon natural ecosystem, biota components and valuable cultural heritage. The area of Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park – 9869 ha.
The landscape is distinguished by large plastic configurations, outlined by banks overgrown with woody plants, contrasting by naturalness of its elements to prevailing urban and agrarian territories. Standing on the outcrops students have favourable conditions to see and perceive vast areas of the lagoon. Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park is a suitable place for training practices of dendrology, botany-phytocoenology, environment and soil science, landscape formation.