Actual Information Before Leaving and After Returning

Before leaving, a Financial Agreement between an outgoing student  and KCFEE must be signed at the International Office. The Agreement foresees scholarship payment terms, size, study period, academic requirements, feedback etc.

Signing the Financial Agreement, it is required to know:

  • personal code;
  • number of  your credit card (on the card);
  • account (in Litas) number of the card.

If you still haven‘t got a credit card (eLitoCard issued along with a Lithuanian Student Identity Card is invalid abroad), we suggest to apply to any bank in Lithuania.

It is advisable to have several cards in different banks (in case you loose your card while staying abroad), as well as to have in Lithuania a legally commissioned person to administer your financial matters in unforeseen cases. The Agreement is signed in two copies – one copy remains at the International Officed, another is handed in to the outgoing student. 

An outgoing student upon leaving must have:
1. A confirmed and signed Learning Agreement (see Documents). 
2. Leaving for an EU country, one must obtain health insurance card from a territorial patient fund.

Medical insurance abroad (form E111) is compulsory to all outgoing students.  Territorial patient funds provide a free form  E111, which ensures that in EU countries you will get free health care. A more detailed information on E111 insurance conditions is available on the website of State Territorial Patient Fund: 
In case You are not satisfied with the services provided by E111 insurance form, you may get additional insurance by any private insurance company. In January 2004, EU ERASMUS program coordinator in Lithuania   EESF signed an agreement with  ADB “Reso Europa”, which applies lower rates to ERASMUS students and professors, however, everyone is free to choose any other insurance company.  
Always read carefully appendices of any insurance policy or ask at the insurance company what should be done in the case of illness or accident.

In case of unexpected events:

Always have the addresses of youth hostels in the destination town or town where you have to change means of transport (e.g. train to bus), so that you have where to stay overnight. 
It is a good idea to have the address and phone numbers of the nearest Lithuanian Embassy during the whole period of stay.

Prior to departure, check if you have:
•  study visa or neccessary documents for  temporary  residence permission; 
•  health insurance; 
•  made adjustments to the Study Agreement with the coordinator; 
•  written an application in the Dean‘s Office permitting you to leave; 
•  signed a Financial Agreement and have a copy of it; 
•  know exact address of the destination point and the phone number of the contact person; 
•  have booked a place in the dormitory and got a copy of testifying this document.

Outgoing lecturers  prior to departure have to obtain the principal‘s permission  and to sign Financial Agreement with KCFEE.  Before leaving, it is necessary to have the Visit Program (see Documents) agreed upon by  KCFEE and the host institution.

Upon return from the host institution, students must hand in to the International Office  of the College the following documents:

  • Evidence of studies where the duration of studies in a host institution is recorded (see Documents).
  • Transcript of Records with the volume of studies in  ECTS credits and grading according to ECTS assessment scale (written by the host institution);
  • Reports (MS Word and MS PowerPoint) (see Documents).

Professors, upon return from the host institution, must hand in to the International Office of the College the following documents:

  • Certificate, signed and sealed by the host institution, confirming the aim and duration of the visit;
  • Verifying travel documents;