Basis for studies

In recent years Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences  (KFEEUAS) has modernized its basis of studies by investing its own and by taking advantage of supporting financial resources from the EU structural and other funds. New laboratories corresponding to the European standards have been founded (Modern Harvesting Machinery, Roundwood Assortments and Wood Science, Landscape Architecture, Floristry, Environmental Science, Measurement Engineering, Information Technologies, Chemistry and Soil Science) as well as former ones have been enriched (Dendrology, Forest Protection, Botany, Dendrometry, Power Tools etc.).
To organize training practices, the KFEEUAS takes advantage of the industrial and research basis of its social partners (Dubrava Experimental Training Forest Enterprise, Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Forest Research Institute, Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University, State Forest Management Institute, Service of Forest Genetic Resources, Seeds and Seedlings, Forest Sanitary Protection Service, Lithuanian forest enterprises, regional and national parks and reserves, silvicultural, landscape gardening companies, homesteads of rural tourism, Stock Company “Husqvarna Lithuania” and others).