By choosing Forestry (Forest Growing and other specializations), students will learn to:

    - establish nurseries and grow seedlings for reforestation and establishment of new plantations;

    - organize forest planting, maintenance and tending operations;

    - form stands of different species composition and functional destination, and foresee final fellings;

    - apply forest protection measures against diseases, pests and fires;

    - organize logging operations applying modern technologies;

    - develop businesses of wood products and wood fuel harvesting ;

    - perform forest measurements and determine the value of timber resources;

    - elaborate forest management plans;

    - establish energy, herbs, Christmas trees and other plantations;

    - organize the protection of forest fauna and rational hunting.

After completing  Forestry study program, graduates will be able to work in the State Forest Enterprise (forest districts, nurseries, forest management service), State Forest Service, environmental protection institutions, private forest companies, or establish own forestry and wood processing businesses.

1st semester ECTS
Introduction to speciality  3
Foreign Language  6
Miško botanika 5
Culture of Behaviour  4
Informatic Technologies  4
Labour and Civil Safety  3
Ecology and Environmental Protection  5
2nd semester
Fundamentals of Law  3
Forest Botany  2
Geographic Information Systems  4
Dendrology  5
Soil Science and Farming Fundamentals  4
Applied Mathematics 5
Biogeocenology Practice  7
3rd semester
Selective Subject  3
Forest Ecology  3
Forest Pests and Diseases  5
Game Bioecology and Essentials of Hunt Evaluation  7
Forest Seed Breeding and Selection  3
Fundamentals of Forest Explotation  9
4th semester  
Forest Measurements  5
Afforestation  5
Stand Formation and Felling  4
Forest Felling with Motorsaws  3
Forest Measurements Practice  4
Forest Growing and Use Practice  9
5th semester 
Specialization Practice  9
Forestry Economics and Management  3
Social Psychology  3
Programme Branch Forest Growing
Subject ECTS
Recreational Silviculture and Farming in Protected Territories  6
Timber  Harvesting Technology  3
Forest Plantations  3
Forest Productivity  3
Programme Branch Timber Harvesting
Subject ECTS
Timber Processing and Drying  4
Timber Harvesting Technology  4
Timber Harvesting Machinery and Transportation  3
Forest Goods  4
Programme Branch Forest Management
Subject ECTS
Forest Productivity  4
Forest Inventory  4
Digital Carthography and Data Bases  4
Forest Management Project  3
Programme Branch Fundamentals of Forestry Plantations
Subject ECTS
Horticulture  3
Plantations of Energetic Plants, Christmas Trees,Raw Timber and Wickers 6
Berry and Medicinal Plants Growing Technologies  3
Biofuel Production  3
Programme Branch Private Ownership Forestry
Subject ECTS
Law of  Private Forestry Ownership  3
Forest Owners Consulting  6
Forestry Planning Technologies and Marketing in Private Land  3
Multipurpose Use of Forest    3
6 semestras  
Finance and  Accounting  5
Forestry Economics and Management  6
Forestry Management  7
Final exams, final work 9
Specialization Practice 3