The Lithuanian National Union of Students is implementing the project „Systematic program for strengthening student mental health in Lithuanian higher education institutions“, which provides free psychological assistance to the students of Lithuanian higher education institutions.

Taking into account the current situation in Lithuania, we would like to inform you that the psychologist will provide free consultations in English and Lithuanian to the student community of the Kaunas, Šauliai, Panevėžys, Marijampolė, Alytus regions remotely in the most convenient channel for the individual student.

Psychological counseling can be applied not only to personal issues and issues related to mental health, but also to study-related topics,  such as time planning, effective learning, lack of motivation, public speaking, or seeking advice on how to handle one or another life situation.

You are more than welcome to register by e-mail or phone number with your full name and name of your higher education institution:

For more information seeė_pagalba_studentams and 

The psychologist provides free consultations to the student community of Kaunas region remotely, in the most convenient way for students, in English and Lithuanian.


Psychologist Ugnė Vasilė


Tel: +370 650 17020

Location: Gedimino st. 41-23, Kaunas