The Quality Policy of Kaunas Forest and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences (KMAIK) is the commitment of the  institution‘s community to ensure and constantly coordinate the quality of science, studies and related activities. The Quality Policy also includes commitments to the environment, the safety of employees and students, and establishes social responsibility towards society and its target groups. Quality assurance is a priority in all areas of the institution's activities in order to effectively implement the Vision and Mission.


At the heart of all quality assurance activities are overarching goals of accountability and improvement. Together, these goals build trust in the activities of the high school. The successfully implemented quality assurance system provides the higher education institution and the public with information confirming the quality of the higher education institution's activities (accountability), as well as promotes the improvement of activities through the provided advice and recommendations (improvement).


The Quality Policy of the institution is focused on the consistent development of a quality culture in order to achieve the goals set in  KMAIK Strategy in accordance with the priority strategic directions, at the same time to meet the basic needs of the KMAIK community and all stakeholders in the future. The  Quality Policy is based on the fundamental premise that the primary responsibility for the quality and assurance of the services it provides lies with the institution itself, i.e. KMAIK considers internal quality assurance based on the recognition and implementation of the principles of academic ethics - academic integrity, respect and citizenship, and personal responsibility - to be a key pillar of its quality assurance system.


Quality Manual of Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences is a document describing the integrated Quality Management System developed and implemented based on the European Higher Education Area Quality Assurance Regulations and Guidelines (ESG; 2015), covering the LST EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard relevant to KMAIK, European Quality Management Foundation Excellence Model (EFQM), Global Quality Management System and KMAIK requirements and legal and regulatory documents.


KMAIK quality management system creates conditions for the effective implementation of the vision, mission and the goals of KMAIK Strategy 2020 aimed at improving the quality of the institution's activities. The requirements set out in the quality management system are valid and applicable in all departments of KMAIK, mandatory for all employees of the institution. They cover study and research planning, organization and accountability activities.


The Description of the Internal Study Quality Assurance System of Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering University of Applied Sciences is a document that defines the components of the internal study quality system, envisages the methods of operation and measures that help to ensure the quality of education provided by the higher education institution.