Head of the Department

Tadas Vaidelys

     Tel. +370-68432828

     Liepų str. 1-207, Girionys

Subject: Research Methodology; Geographic  Information Systems (GIS)

Research area: peculiarities of growing introduced woody plants; peculiarities of growth of native tree species in cities; application of sonic tomography to detect tree trunk rot; improvement of forest fire prevention measures



Associate Professor

Dr. R.Bakys

    Tel. +370-37-383 082

    Liepų str.1-212, Girionys

Subject: Forest Pests and Diseases; Sanitary Protection of Green Areas
Research area: sanitary protection (phytopathology) and monitoring of green areas; tree breeding



Associate Professor

Dr. Sinilga Černulienė

    Tel. +370-685-84-542

    Liepų str.  1-204, Girionys

Subject:General Ecology and Environment; Farming in Protected Areas
Research area: ecosystems



Associate Professor

Valda Gudynaitė-Franckevičienė

    Tel. +370-600-89-389

    Laumenu str.  1-202, Girionys

Subject: Gamekeeping; Fundamentals of plantation farming and forest fuel production; Bioecology of game and birds
Research area: forest genetics and tree breeding 

Associate Professor

Dr. Sandra Saunoriūtė

    Tel. +370-608-71223 

    Liepu str. 1, Girionys

 Subject: Forest Botany
 Research area: naturally grown and cultural berry and medicinal         plants, biological properties of commercially valuable plants, introduction     and acclimatization of rare garden plants



Assoc. Professor

Dr. Loreta Semaškienė

     Tel. +370-687-10-051

     Liepu str. 1 -202, Girionys

Subject: Dendrology
Research area: application possibilities of indigenous and introduced species in landscape gardens



Associate Professor

Dr. Albinas Tebėra

    Tel. +370-37-383082

    Liepu str. 1-302, Girionys

Subject: Forest Productivity
Research trend: stand growth simulation; standardization of wood products



Associate Professor

Dr. Vidmantas Verbyla

    Tel. 8-67-244-825

    Liepų g. 1-212, Girionys

Subject: Forest Tree Selection and Seed Breeding

Research area: genetics, selection and seed breeding of woody plants



Violeta Uborevičienė


    Tel. +370--37-383-082

    Liepų str. 1, Girionys

Subject: Finance and Accounting
Research area: corporate financial accounting analysis


Dr. Dovilė Gustienė

    Tel. +370-37-383082

    Liepų str. 1 - 214, Girionys

Subject: Forest Ecology;  Stand Formation and Fellings 
Research area: forest ecosystem formation regularities




Gintaras Morkūnas

    Tel. +370-37-383 082

    Liepų str. 1-212, Girionys

Subject: Forest Economics, Management and Organization of Forestry
Research area: business organization, production management and planning




Giedrius Vaičiukynas

    Tel. +370-37-383 082

    Laumėnų str. 1 -36, Girionys

Subject: Forest Exploitation
Research area: logging technology