Head of Department

Gitana Vyčienė

     E-mail: gitana.vyciene@gmail.com
     Tel.: +370-37-383082; Tel. mob.: +370-687-93557

     Liepų str. 1 - 303, Girionys

Subject: Hydroecology; Geographic Information Systems.
Research area: GIS application in hydrology and hydroenergetics. 



Associate Professor

Dr. Ernesta Liniauskienė

     Tel. 8-37 383 082; mob. 8-606-91752

     Liepų g. 1, Girionys

Subject: Construction Law Basics; Research Methodology; AutoCAD Basics.
Research area: environmental engineering and landscaping.




Dr. Ramūnas Gegužis

     Tel. +370-37 383 082

     Liep. str. 1, Girionys

Subject: Environmental Physics; Outdoor Water and Wastewater Network Design and Installation.
Research area: environmental engineering.


Dr. Vilda Grybauskienė

     Tel. +370-69916524
     Liepų str. 1, Girionys
Subject: Surface Runoff Management; Roads
Research area:  drainage; irrigation; waste management engineering.



Associate Professor

Dr. Vincas Gurskis

     Tel. +370-37-383 082

     Liepų str. 1, Girionys

Subject: Fundamentals of Construction and Building Elements;
Research area: fundamentals of construction and buildings.



Associate Professor

Egidijus Kasiulis

      Tel. 8-37 383 082
      Liepų str. 1, Girionys
Subject: Hydrotechnical constructions.
Research area: hydroenergetics and its impact on the environment; marine energetics and its application.



Associate Professor

Dr. Raimondas Šadzevičius

     Tel. +370-37-383082

     Liepų str. 1, Girionys

Subject:  Construction Materials and Marine Structures.
Research area: construction materials, assessment of the state of building constructions.



Associate Professor

Dr. Vilimantas Vaičiukynas

     Tel. +370-37-383 082

     Liepų str. 1, Girionys

Subject: Hydraulics; Computer Graphics.
Research area: land reclamation systems.



Deputy Head of Department

Jurgita Babilienė

     Tel. +370-37 383 082

     Liepų str. 1, Girionys

Subject: Information Technologies; Language Culture and Recordkeeping.
Research area: information technologies in environmental engineering.




Irmantas Miliauskas

     Tel. +370-37 383 082

     Liepų str. 1, Girionys

Subject: Building Systems Engineering.
Research area: tightness of external barriers of buildings and application of thermal composite insulation materials; energy-efficient solutions of heating and cooling systems of buildings.