Land Management

By choosing Land Management specialty, students will learn to:

     - perform cadastral measurements of land plots;

     - prepare land management schemes and plans of agricultural territories;

     - perform land administration, land management, land cadastre;

     - provide real estate register services, consultations on land management legal issues, etc.

After graduating from Land Management  studies, graduates will be able to work in various companies, institutions, organizations related to land management, geodesy, cartography, real estate administration, territorial planning activities required for economic and other state needs: in the National Land Service or its subordinate territorial divisions, at the Institute of Aerogeodesy, SE State Land Fund, SE State Forest Enterprise; in enterprises engaged in cadastral measurements of real estate objects, preparation of territorial planning documents. Graduates will be able to develop their own business.



  • Territorial Planning
  • Land Administration



1 semester

ECTS credits

Geology 4
Information Technologies 6
Engineering Graphics 3
Culture of Professional Speech 3
Mathematics 5
Topography 4
Topographic Drawing 5
Physical Training -
Environmental Physics 3
Labour and Civil Safety 3
Geodesy 1 4
Professional Practice of Geodesy 8
Foreign Language 3
Basics of Land Administration 6

Optional subject :

Professional Ethics

Philosophy Essentials

Social Psychology




Physical Training


Photogrammetry 4
Geodesy 2 6
Cartography 5
Real Estate Cadastre 6
Methodology of Applied Researches 3
Law Essentials 3
Optional subject 3
Physical Training -
Training Practice of Photogrammetry 2
Professional Practice of Geodesy 6
Geodetic Measurements 3
Geographic Information Systems 4
Land and Landscape Management of Rural Development 6
Designing of Land Management 6
Optional subject 3
Physical Training -
Final Professional Practice 12
Formation and Rearrangement of Land Plots 3
Law of Land and Real Estate 3
Optional subject 3

Optional subject :

Basics of Business Organization Business

Economics and Management



Programme branch Territorial Planning


Subject ECTS credits
Ecology and Environmental Protection 3
Planning of Damaged Territories Handling 3
Programme branch Land administration
Subject ECTS creditst
Register of Real Estate 3
Land Management and Administration 3
Final work 9
Real Estate Valuation 3
Programme branch Territorial Planning
Subject ECTS credits
Preparation of Schemes for Forests’ Administration 3
Planning of Protected Territories 3
Strategic Valuation of Consequences on the Environment 3
Territorial Planning and Administration 3
Professional Practice of Territorial Planning Specialization 6
Programme branch Land administration
Subjects ECTS credits
Administration of Real Estate 4
Professional Practice of Land Administration Specialization 6
Land Information Systems 5
Management of Land Management 3