Forestry (Nature Tourism)

If you choose this profession, you will learn to:

• organize and carry out reforestation, growing, protection and logging operations;
• elaborate recreation and other forest management plans;
• organize recreational activities in national and regional parks;
• apply the acquired knowledge on ethnic culture, history, architecture and heritage, organizing excursions, education, events for Lithuanian and foreign tourists;
• apply forest fauna protection and enhancement measures;
• organize traditional and commercial hunting sessions.

Graduates can be employed in forest enterprises, forest districts, environmental protection agencies, national and regional parks, or develop their own nature tourism businesses.

Upon completion of supplementary studies, graduates will be able to enroll for a Master's degree.

The curriculum of Forestry study program for the academic year 2020/2021.

The aim of the study program is to educate Forestry professionals of higher education able to organize and carry out not only the traditional forest management, but also recreational forest management, to plan natural tourist routes, to organize nature tourism business.

Subject ECTS credits Semester in full-time studies Semester in continuous studies
Foreign Language 6 1 1,2
Language Culture and Recordkeeping  4 1 1
Applied Mathematics 5 2 2

Subject ECTS credits Semester in full-time studies Semester in continuous studies
Business Economics and Management  3
Information Technology  3
Labor Civil Safety  3
Law Essentials  3
Social Psychology  3
Environmental Protection  5
Forest Botany  7
Finance and Accounting  5
Geographic Information Systems  4
Soils Science and Agriculture Basics  4
Dendrology  6
Forest Mensuration  6
Forest Ecology  4
Forest Pests and Diseases  5
Bioecology of Animals and Birds  4
Forest Tree Breeding  3
Forest Planting  4
Stand Formation and Cuttings  4
Forestry Economics and Management  6
Forest Exploitation  6
Forest Inventory  7
Hunting Essentials  3
Recreational Forest Management  4
Elective subjects from the list provided at KFEEUAS or other higher education institutions
Elective subjects 3 credits  3
Introduction to Speciality  3  1  1
Biogeocenology practice (Management of Green Areas, Environmental Protection, Soil Science, Botany, Dendrology)  7 1,2 
Forest Measurement Practice (Geodesy, Dendrometry)  4  3
Forest Growing and Use Practice (Forest Planting, Silviculture, Sanitary Forest Protection, Forest Exploitation)   9  4,5,6
 Forest Felling with Chainsaws and Harvesters 3 4 3
Specialization Practice 12 5,6 7
Final Account      
Final Thesis 4 6 8
Final Exam 5 6 8
Branch Subjects
Cultural and Historical Resources 3 5 7
Natural and Recreational Resources 3 5 7
Nature Tourism Organization Essentials 9 5 8
Physical Training