Department of Landscape Architecture and Recreation

Objects of Training Practices

Preparing qualified landscape design and recreation specialists, much attention is paid to practical training. It is sought that graduates of the College gain sufficient practical skills and easily adapt in their working places, being able to apply modern technologies and advanced scientific achievements. 
Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering College of Higher Education possesses a unique experimental-training basis in Lithuania. Nearby the College there is situated the Dubrava Experimental-Training Forest Enterprise administrating 13.6 thous. ha of forests and having the biggest and the most modern in the region 54 ha nursery, where seedlings not only for reforestation purposes, but also ornamental and Christmas trees are grown. From scientific and educational viewpoint, the most important are the Dubrava arboretum and the park, ranked among the most beautiful and the richest in woody plant species. There are also such objects as th Dubrava reserve area and the valley of junipers (

For the practical training of students especially important are the objects of forest seed breeding:
  • forest seed storage - cooler;
  • cone shelling plant.
For research and education extremely important are:

In the vicinity of the College there are some other valuable protected landscape objects.
Landscape design students practice in the following companies and training objects:
  • landscaping company „Ginkgo Garden“ (London),
  • stock company„Želdynėlis“ 
  • firm „Floros simfonija“,
  • stock company „Želdikis“;
  • stock company „Žaliasis sezonas“,
  • Kaunas Botanical Garden of Vytautas Magnus University,
  • botanical garden of Vilnius University,
  • Viržiai nursery,
  • stock company „Soltra“,
  • mixed type parks,
  • landscape parks.