Nursery on an area of 54 ha was established in 1958. According to European technologies and using Danish „Egedal“ complex of machinery and modern irrigation system, seedlings for forest regeneration, ornamental and Christmas trees are grown in the nursery in the open ground. Seedlings of more than 200 species are grown.
Ornamental plants are sold bare-rooted, burlapped or in containers. The nursery is one of the main training objects, where during training or specialization practice students get to know how the seeds of woody plants are prepared for sowing, learn about advanced technologies and machinery of soil cultivation, sowing, mulching, watering, fertilization, weed eliminations, density control, root cutting, lifting, sorting, transplanting, transportation and storage. An obvious effect has lifting of big-sized trees with special „Bobcat“ tractor and planting of them in landscape gardens.
Besides, here students learn different methods of grafting and propagation of woody plants.