Laboratory of Plant Protection

Woody and herbaceous plants every day are affected by different biotic factors, among which an exceptional role is performed by insects and disease agents. Timely identification and diagnosis of plant damages and the causes of diseases is possible by observing exterior changes of plant seeds, fruit, buds, leaves, twigs and stems, which appear due to damages by insect pests and diseases. To define more precisely species composition of pests and their damages as well as the symptoms of diseases, it is necessary to know morphological characteristics of the organisms and their biology. Only proper diagnosis of harmful organisms and application of preventive, while under necessity, active fight measures may help to protect plants.
The Laboratory of Plant Protection contains over 2000 samples of different insect pests and their damages as well as damages caused by plant diseases. For acquiring practical forest protection competencies, electronic microscopes and video devices, collection stands of insects, as well as description manuals and atlases are available in the laboratory.
During practice, students take advantage of this educational material, deepen their theoretical knowledge, acquire practical skills and abilities to identify the main insect pests and their damages, as well as the agents of plant diseases, having adverse effect on the woody and herbaceous vegetation of forest ecosystems, and at the same time to foresee preventive and protection measures.