Laboratory of Roundwood Assortments and Wood Science

This laboratory has been established by joint efforts of the personnel of the College and Dubrava Experimental-Training Forest Enterprise. Its area covers about 700 m2. Financial resources for the equipment of the laboratory were allocated by the Ministry of Environment of the Lithuanian Republic.
Exposition of the laboratory contains training stands providing information on roundwood defects, their measurement methods. Denominations of the defects are provided in English, German and French. The other stands present information on roundwood products, their marking, inventory and quality classification rules. The largest portion of the exposition occupy  original roundwood products. On special pallets are demonstrated sawn logs (pine, spruce, birch, black alder, aspen, oak and ash) of different quality classes, as well as  piles of plywood (birch and black alder), matchwood (aspen), pulpwood, fuelwood and particle boards.  The exposition has 4 topless stems (pine, spruce, oak and birch). All the material is very useful learning to identify and to measure the defects of roundwood assortments, to rank the products by quality classes, to measure the volume of products by a single and group methods, to determine rational lengths of stems. For this reason the  exposition is extremely important to forestry students and the participants of in-service courses. The laboratory also contains exhibits necessary for the studies of wood structure peculiarities, its diagnostic traits. Therefore, here it is possible to study not only the assortment structure of roundwood, but also to delve into wood science. The exposition is of great interest also to specialists arriving on a visit from abroad. In 2005, the meeting of the European Standards Committee (CEN/TK 175 „Round and Sawn Wood“) was held in the laboratory.