Laboratory of Chemistry and Soil Science

The laboratory was equiped by joint means of the College and the European Union based on the project „Training programs for multiple forest use specialists, preparation and implementation of training methododlogy“ (BPD 2004-ESF-2.4.0-03-05/0095). In the laboratory students carry out practical work on chemistry, food chemistry, soil science, plant physiology, environment protection, conduct research, prepare material for their diploma thesis. In the laboratory, scientific investigations on plant chemical composition testing, physiology, species identification, main soil characteristics, agrochemical properties and natural environmental factors are conducted. The laboratory exhibits periodical table of chemical elements as well as solubility table, a collection of educational samples-monoliths of soil types, soil samples, soil classification methodics, soil types distribution plans, maps. The laboratory possesses an up-to-date equipment for chemical analyses, modern devices and tools, such as a spectrophotometer – to define the concentrations of different substances (heavy metals, chemical and food items), a set of tools for soil sampling and analysis, electronic pHmeters, a special equipment for the analysis of soil granulometric composition, equipment for the preparation of soil monoliths, weighting and measurement devices etc.