Laboratory of Information Technologies

The laboratory has installed general Microsoft Office programs, necessary for the studies of landscape design, recreation, forestry and environmental engineering specialists.
Word; Excel; Power Point; Internet Explorer; Outlook Express – office programs. They are used to facilitate preparation of documents, editing of texts, carrying out mathematical – economic calculations, depicting graphical data, performing statistical analysis; creating and presenting advertisements and reports; presenting visual material – projects; searching for information, its grouping and analysis; providing e-mail services, reception and transmission of information.
Front Page; Movie Maker; Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0; Gimp. Com – auxiliary specialized office programs. They are used to satisfy webpage needs of the user, to manage video material, video recordings and presentations, photogalleries; to edit photos and graphic material, to perform photomontage, to lay out pictures.
Populiarization of information development – electronic services for the society provided by electronic governance encompass distant studies, virtual libraries, electronic commerce and banking, issuing of certificates.
The laboratory also avails special software necessary for the studies of forestry and environmental engineering.
Geomap program. This program enables efficient management of field measurement data, the use of created by others GIS, CAD or other data. It allows to elaborate topographic plans, well cards, profiles of engineering communications and soil surface, cadastral plans of land parcels, to divide or consolidate plans, to prepare data for an automatized evaluation of land parcels and buildings, to compile cadastral files on the measurement of land parcels and buildings.
The user may solve any GIS tasks from the very simple to complex ones (e.g., mapping, data management, geographic analysis, data editing and geodata processing).
Miško Skaita (Forest Inventory) is a program used to take account of silvicultural operations and inventory wood resources in a forest district, which is popularly called a computerized district forester‘s workplace.
The Program encompasses all the main modules necessary for the work of a district forester:

  • Planning of silvicultural measures,
  • Reception of wood products,
  • Delivery of wood products,
  • Account of contracted services,
  • Account of operations carried out by forest enterprise employees.

Each primary document of accounting is introduced into the data base of Miško Skaita only once. The recorded information is related to the geographic location. The program is able to provide all necessary reports and data which may be analysed in any way and presented in the graphic form, printed or exported to other programs (e.g. MS Excel). Besides, all required data may be saved in the standard files, from where they can be sent to accounting programs.
Special program of rational bucking of tree stems. Its purpose is to aid students in developing the skills of rational bucking of stems. Having provided measurement data on stem tapering, roundwood defects and the model of stem assortment structure, mathematical model of stem generatrix is worked out along with 5 alternative stem bucking variants. Analysing the obtained results, a generalization of all five alternative stem bucking results and its comparison with the standard data of stem assortment structure are provided.
Working with PuMe program students may simulate different alternative scenarios of pine and spruce stand growing, foreseeing improvement fellings, their intensity, possible stand damages, fertilization, pruning, analyse stand increments, the indices of accumulated biomass of stems, branches and roots, the amounts of evaporated water, etc.